We see our protagonist Tails happily frolicking through a dark field, when he is suddenly approached by a duo of ruthless trolls.

Synopsis Edit

While wandering in the woods, Tails meets a duo of trolls that proceed to insult him until Tails starts to run away. He starts to weep tears while running back to Sonic. Sonic and Shadow proceed to get into an argument about how to deal with trolls, Tails decides to take Sonic's path of kindness and brings him to the trolls, which fails horribly. Just as they show up, Knuckles happens to be there, talking to Shadow. Tails then realises that Shadow was right and asks him for help to deal with the trolls.

Shadow agrees to help Tails and how to show how to stop a troll. When Tails gets there, it shows the two same trolls noticing the three. Shadow starts to bait the trolls until he punches the fat troll and kicks the other one. Soon Shadow takes out a knife while Tails tries to find a different way to stop the trolling and Shadow kills both of the trolls. The comic skips to nighttime showing the most infamous thing of Tails gets Trolled, high shovel.

Soon, the comic cuts to daytime as Tails is shown sleeping by a tree. Sonic is then shown telling Tails to get up and asks about what happened to the trolls yesterday. Tails proceeds to tell Sonic what happened to the trolls as Sonic walks away from Tails. Shadow is then shown mediating and meets Pori who warns Shadow about the trolls being on Shadow's tail. Mario then shows up to kill the one that trolled, being blamed as the troll, Shadow convinces Mario that Pori is the troll and his friend was. Sonic then shows up to nag to Shadow and both of them start to argue until three trolls start to fight the two.

Sonic tries to stop the troll, which backfires, angering Sonic, turning him into a darker version of him, quickly killing the trolls with ease. Gaining control, he realizes that he had failed to convince the trolls and demands an explanation from Shadow about the trolls. The comic goes to Silver who is confronted by Alex who knew a lot about him, and proceeds to go deep about his life. It goes to a goomba who is currently being trolled by a duo of trolls. Soon Mario and Luigi show up and kill the trolls, as the chapter ends.

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See here: Tails Gets Trolled Script

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Tails Gets Trolled Chapter 01 -COMPLETE REUPLOAD-

Tails Gets Trolled Chapter 01 -COMPLETE REUPLOAD-

"Tails Gets Trolled" Music Video (Song for Chapter 1)

"Tails Gets Trolled" Music Video (Song for Chapter 1)