Biographical information
Age Unknown
Place of birth Unknown
Physical description
Species Human / Dragonborn
Gender Male
Skin color White
Hair color Yellow
Eye color Brown
Personal information
Position Dragonborn
Affiliation The Troll Slaiyers (formerly)
Allies Elmer Fudd
Enemies The Trolls, Hindo
Weapon of choice Shouts
Chronological information
First appearance Chapter 2
Status Alive

Rob is the guy with no ears and a firm fan favorite.

History Edit

Little is currently known about Rob's past other than him being Dragonborn and born with no ears. He joins the Troll Slaiyers despite being unable to hear their cause and is apart of the Justin Beaver concert scheme. However, Rob, Silver, and the newly recruited Elmer Fudd leave the Troll Slaiyers to deal with the trolls in their own way.

When Silver's plan goes awry, Rob then reveals he is Dragonborn and fights off waves of trolls.

Personality Edit

Rob is the superhero of the group, as he helps the other members of the Troll Slaiyers such as Silver in Chapter 6

Abilities Edit

Being a Dragonborn, Rob possesses dragon abilities. Here are the one he has shown so far in the comic.

Unrelenting Force - Rob releases a loud short towards his target, This is the first seen move, it was first seen in Silver's Mission. Unrelenting Force was used against a troll and it blew his face.

Fire Breath - Rob releases fire from his mouth, this move was capable of burning two trolls. The second seen move of Rob, it was also seen in Silver's Mission.

Frost Breath - Rob releases a orb of frost which freezes anybody that comes in contact with it. It was used in Silver's Mission.

Aura Whisper - Rob whispers, allowing him to sense the presence of others. It was first used in Taking Action Part 2.

Super Saiyan Transformation - First seen in Puppet Battle, Rob screams for a long amount of time, resulting into being a Super Saiyan. However, this ability is considered non-canon.

Slow Time - Rob shouts out the ability, allowing him to slow down time to a degree. It was used in Puppet Battle against Hindo.

Whirlwind Sprint - Rob is granted the ability to dash at unusual speeds. This was used in Puppet Battle. It can be used in conjunction with Slow Time.

Ice Form - Rob shouts out with great force, and if the force strikes an opponent, the opponent will be frozen to an "ice statue" state.