Biographical information
Physical description
Species Cat
Gender Male
Fur color Gray and white
Eye color Green with yellow sclera
Personal information
Affiliation The Neutrals
Allies Coyote, Elmer Fudd, Sylvester, Porky Pig
Enemies The Trolls, Trollface, Jerry
Weapon of choice Necromancy
Chronological information
First appearance Chapter 8
Status alive

Tom is a Neutral who aids the Troll Slaiyers in their quest.

Becoming a NeutralEdit

In a lengthy flashback, Tom's origins are shown as he is good drinking buddies with Sylvester, Coyote, and Elmer Fudd. They all talk about the various animals they try to hunt down, which they apparently have been doing for quite some time. In a drunken stupor, they eventually wander into a church where they gain necromancy powers, becoming "neutral". Tom loses some of his lifespan upon the death of Porky due to caring too much.

After getting his powers, Tom attempts to kill Jerry by poisoning his milk and claiming that the milk is amazing, luring him in. Jerry drinks from the milk and dies, despite Tom trying this in a Warner Bros. short and randomly gaining superpowers. Tom attempts to consume Jerry, but is unable to and accidentally discovers his necromancy powers, animating the corpse.

Tails Gets TrolledEdit

Tom makes his first appearance in chapter 8, where he explains the details of his flashback alongside Coyote. He is eventually enlisted by Silver to help fight the trolls. He goes to attack the troll base, and demonstrates that he has collected the corpses of many characters beyond just Jerry to use in battle, most of them dogs, such as Spike whom usually antagonizes him. He also has animated Granny, the owner of Sylvester, for little reason other than to annoy him. He fights alongside Sylvester and his minions against unnamed trolls, but eventually encounters Troll Face. Troll Face fires a bullet at Tom, but Sylvester shields him from the shot, dying in his place. There is a panel that indicates that Tom loses his necromancy due to caring too much about Sylvester's death, but it seems to have just decreased the duration of his lifespan.

Relationship with SylvesterEdit

Sylvester has constant arguments with Tom, as they compete to see who can kill the small animal they chase after first. Sylvester kills Tweety first, doing so before even the flashback begins, earning Tom's envy. They have apparently got into a bar fight over this before, and come close to doing so again during the flashback. While Tom eventually kills Jerry, they always find new things to argue about, such as their taste in porn. They also compete to see who can kill the most trolls in the troll base, with Sylvester complaining that Tom "steals his kills".

Sylvester typically acts much more mature than Tom, but apparently cares deeply about Tom as he goes out of his way to take a bullet for him. He claims that he acted so antagonistic simply to toughen him up and prepare him for the future.